Taiwan has 8,843 patients waiting for organ transplants

Taiwan has 8,843 patients waiting for organ transplants

Each year, there are an average of 5,000 people who become brain dead, yet, each year, only 200 donate their organs.  The Tzu Chi Hospital says that its organ transplant donor solicitation center has been functioning for 21 years and has helped 230 transplant patients.  Between the beginning of 2016 up to October 22, a total of 635 patients received organ transplants, not including skin grafts and bone replacements, yet there are still 8,843 patients waiting for organ transplants.


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Over one thousand monks celebrate Medicine Buddha

Over one thousand monks celebrate Medicine Buddha

New Taipei City held its second celebration of the Medicine Buddha Culture Day on October 23, 2016 with the attendance of 1,600 monks from five countries.  New Taipei City mayor Eric Chu said the ceremony “purifies the heart”.  The ceremony was also attended by new Taiwan residents from Thailand.

The Medicine Buddha is the Buddha who cures human ills.  He is the King of Medicine Master and Lapis Lazuli Light, Bhaisajyaguru (Bhaisajya guru vaidurya prabha raja).

His chant to cure all illness is:  Die ya ta ong, bei kan ze, bei kan ze, ma ha bei kan ze, la za sa mu, ga die so ha.


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Number of women with osteoporosis double that of men in Taiwan

Number of women with osteoporosis double that of men in Taiwan

A survey by Taiwan’s National Health Administration from 2013 to 2015 shows that among the general population of people 50 years old and older in Taiwan, 12.3% have osteoporosis, and among them, 8.6% are men and 15.5% are women.

The results were obtained by bone density measurements using DXA, Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry.

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Forty-year-old man has renal anemia

Forty-year-old man has renal anemia

A forty-year-old man felt tired, weakness in his limbs, and shortness of breath when walking.  He went for a checkup and doctors found that his hemoglobin whole blood count was 4 g/dL.  The normal count for a physically strong adult is about 14 g/dL.

Doctors say he was in the fifth stage of chronic kidney disease and that his anemia was renal anemia.

In the third stage of chronic kidney disease, 10% will become anemic.  In the fourth stage, 60% will become anemic.  In the fifth stage, over 90% will suffer renal anemia.



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Delusional Tsai and government are dooming Taiwan

Delusional Tsai and government are dooming Taiwan

This is what more and more Taiwanese television talk shows’ talking heads are essentially warning.

They say that President Tsai Ing-wen and her new Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) new government are against nuclear power and are forging a nuclear free homeland by 2025, Taiwan’s fourth nuclear plant has been sealed, Taiwan’s first and second nuclear facilities have been offline, the new government has cracked down on coal burning power generation facilities including the Taiwan Plastics steam power plant in Changhua, President Tsai Ing-wen has ordered a permanent shutdown of hydroelectric power generation of a dam, and Taiwan’s largest wind power generation facility has been ordered to cease operation because of noise pollution.  The TV talking heads say businesses are unwilling to invest in Taiwan because of the uncertainty in power supply.

The new government of Tsai Ing-wen is implementing policies according to minority populist bias against the wishes of the majority and is now completely dysfunctional domestically and diplomatically.  Prices of vegetable have shot up, vegetable prices are now higher than meat prices, yet the government has done nothing between September 8 to October 16, 2016, even following four devastating typhoons that hit Taiwan during that time and destroyed much of Taiwan’s vegetable production.  The government is also determined to cut seven national holidays a year, and Taiwan’s labor unions have formed an alliance to go on general strike on October 25, 2016.

On October 24, 2016, Taiwan’s industries and businesses association presented eight suggestions to “rescue Taiwan’s economy”.  The suggestions pointed out that Taiwan’s local level governments, i.e., municipal and county governments, are creating obstacles to economic development because of their pro-populist anti-business development stance, discouraging business investment, the revision to the labor law has created pressure on businesses in terms of the potential increase in labor costs, that current tax laws are hindering capital utilization and financial competitiveness, real estate development, and the lack of government efforts to develop cultural innovation.  Most Taiwanese businesses fear that there will be a shortage of electricity in 2018.  What measures the new government will implement to limit electricity supply are still not clear.  Currently, Taiwan has to store liquefied gas in Singapore and then transfer the supply shipped to Singapore by large ships onto smaller transport ships to Taiwan because Taiwan does not have any docks and facilities capable of docking and unloading 200,000 to 300,000 ton class liquefied gas transport ships.  Currently, coal fired electricity generation provides 35% and nuclear power provides 16%.  How to avoid electricity shortage due to the elimination of coal and nuclear power by 2025 while maintaining stable electricity prices, as the new government wants, is a big question.

Neither does the new government have any short term economic stimulation plan.  While chief cabinet minister Lin Chuan has finally listened to the complaints of the business nad industrial leaders, his response is worrisome, and all of them say that his response is not what they want to hear.

President Tsai Ing-wen and her new DPP government are delusional, and they spell doom for Taiwan.


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Taiwanese now believe old age starts at 70

Taiwanese now believe old age starts at 70

A survey of 3,359 adults shows that now Taiwanese people think old age begins at 70 instead of 60.

The survey also indicates that in general, 10.2% show signs of depression and need  professional help.  Among those 61 – 70 years old, 6.4% show obvious depression, and among those 71-80 years old, 12.4% show obvious depression because their ability to cope with ordinary requirements of living independently have lessened.

Young people worry about work, their financial situation and their future life, but old people worry about their health.


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Volunteerism versus bureaucracy

Volunteerism versus bureaucracy

On October 18, 2916, OB/GYN Shih Jing-chung at the Taiwan University Hospital helped a high risk pregnant woman give birth.  On October 17, 2016, an ultrasound scan showed there was placenta accreta and a high risk of massive bleeding and disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC).  The doctor decided to use expensive medication to prevent the possibility of massive bleeding.  This medication however is not covered by the Taiwan Health Insurance Bureau.  It was specifically eliminated from medical compensation coverage in July of 2014.  The poor woman who lives on a low pension has been forced to pay.  The delivery was successful after OB/GYN Shih Jing-chung assembled a team of four anesthesiologists, a urologist, a radiologist and a pediatrician on standby.  Their services were all volunteered since the Health Insurance Bureau has denied payment for their services as well as for the expensive anti-bleeding medication.

This decision to deny payment is now being severely criticized by the medical profession as well as by legislators.  A doctor named Hung Hao-yun accused the officials at the bureau as “trashy officials”, a dentist named Shih Shu-tsang criticized the bureau of playing a “double face game” and treating medical personnel as “idiots”.

OB/GYN Shih Jing-chung said the surgery was like “dismantling a live bomb”.  The story about his experience and the denial by the Health Insurance Bureau has been viewed 290,000 times on Facebook and the story has been shared by 22,000 viewers within half a day.


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