Infants and toddlers most likely to face fatal child abuse on Taiwan

Infants and toddlers most likely to face fatal child abuse on Taiwan

A study of 104 serious child abuse cases from 2011 to 2016 shows 81% of the victims are toddlers less than three years old, 90% of the victims were preschool toddlers and toddlers not being taken care of by nurseries, and 71% of the perpetrators are parents 25 years old and younger, and 50% of them are between 20-29 years old.

In Taiwan, child abusers are often parents who do not know parenting, who are recreational drug addicts, and drunken parents.  Young Taiwanese parents with toddlers often have a severe emotional control problem.


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Taiwanese kids do not do enough exercise

Taiwanese kids do not do enough exercise

Taiwanese kids lack exercise because of air pollution, parents have no time, and suitable exercise grounds are difficult to find.

A survey of the exercise habits of Taiwanese children shows that 65.1% of preschool age children like to exercise, 51.1% of school age children like exercise, 49.7% of Taiwanese children do not have the habit of exercising each week, 15.5% exercise three times or more each week.

Of the causes for the lack of exercise, 76% of parents say air pollution and poor air quality, 59.7% say they are too busy and do not have time to care about the amount of exercise their children are getting, and 48.9% say they cannot find suitable grounds for their children to go to to exercise.

Of the children whose parents exercise once or more per week, 67.3% of them like to exercise.  Of the children whose parents exercise less than once per week, 54.8% of them like to exercise.  There are 18% of parents who have never exercised together their children, and 5.8% of parents exercise with their children 3 times or more per week.

In general, 70.7% of children play in public parks as their place for exercise, 50.8% ride bicycles as a form of exercise, and 40.7% walk as their way to exercise.



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H1N1 influenza attack!

H1N1 influenza attack!

As of January 5, 2019, 88,725 people have been diagnosed as having the H1N1 type A influenza.  The death rate among middle age and younger persons is 8%.

Since October 1, 2018, there have been 237 influenza cases with severe complications, and 18 of them have died.

During the week of January 7 to 12, 2019, there have been 49 cases of influenza with severe complications.   They include 29 males and 20 females, among them 2 one-year old babies and 1 two-year old.  At present, the H1N1 virus has surpassed the H3N2 virus as the major influenza virus on Taiwan.


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A case for polygamy and abolishing marriage

A case for polygamy and abolishing marriage

A comparison between the number of births and the number of marrying couples on Taiwan shows that in 2012, 229,481 babies were born and 143,384 couples were married.  In 2014, 210,383 babies were born and 149,287 couples were married.  In 2016, 208,440 babies were born and 147,861 couples were married.  In 2017, 193,844 babies were born and 138,034 couples were married.  In 2018, 181,601 babies were born and 135,404 couples were married.  Taiwan’s birthrate was 1.27 in 2012 and 1.13 in 2017.

The trend is less babies are born because less couples are getting married.

In Japan, it is rumored that 45% of females and 25% males are uninterested in sex and they despise sex.

It is time for Japan and Taiwan and South Korea to abandon the traditional marriage between one man and one woman.  Polygamy and incest should be allowed.

At the beginning of 2019, three fatal child abuse cases occurred within one week in Taiwan.  The victims were toddlers.  So the hottest talk show subject is child abuse, parenting, and domestic violence.  Some blame the government for lacking a sufficiently tight social network to prevent and to uncover domestic violence and child abuse.

Beyond Lebensborn

Perhaps South Koreans, Japanese and Taiwanese should create a form of communal Lebensborn birthing community to replace the traditional family unit of one man and one woman as the only legal form of producing children.

In the imagined Lebensborn community, each male keeps a harem of women of childbearing age in a sexually open communal relationship.  Young males are encouraged to engage in sexual relationships with older women.  The harem, or Lebensborn commune (Lebensborn birth house) also takes care of every child born within the commune.  The commune would be a communal Lebensborn birthing commune.


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Taiwanese black pigs don’t eat feed

Taiwanese black pigs don’t eat feed

Taiwan’s native black pigs do not eat commercial feed.  They eat only kitchen waste, according to Taiwanese black pig producers.  They say the government does not understand this.

On Taiwan, facing a serious threat of the African swine fever now out of control on the Chinese mainland, only the new female Yunlin county magistrate of the Kuomintang has ordered a stop to the use of kitchen waste to feed hogs.

Taiwan produces 650,000 tons of kitchen waste, 68% or 440,000 tons are cooked kitchen waste that are used to feed hogs, 200,000 tons of raw kitchen waste are used for compost, and the rest is used as a biomass source for power generation.

Dead hogs land on beach!

Yeah, a dead hog washed onto the beach near the fresh water reservoir in Tienpu, Chinsha Township, Quemoy, on December 31, 2018.  On January 2, 2019, it tested positive for the African swine fever.

Quemoy health authorities have quarantined a 5-km radius and disinfected one vehicle and all personnel who took part in retrieval of the dead hog.  However, the origin of the dead hog has not been confirmed.  Most likely, it floated with the debris that landed on that part of the beach.

Quemoy has 77 hog farms and 11,000 head of hogs.

The Taiwanese navy has been ordered to hunt for any floating dead hogs.

The fact that the dead hog was found near a pile of floating debris that landed on that part of the beach indicates the dead hog may have been a sick hog affected by the African swine fever on the Chinese mainland.

On January 4, 2019, another floating dead hog was discovered on Quemoy’s Hsiaochiu Island.  Only some 20 residents occupy the island and there is no hog farm on the island.  The dead hog was determined to have floated from the Chinese mainland.

Both cases indicate that the African swine fever epidemic on the Chinese mainland is far worse than reported and far more widespread than is being reported.

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Taiwan has 1710,000 hepatitis B carriers

Taiwan has 1710,000 hepatitis B carriers

Taiwan has 1710000 hepatitis B carriers, and 90% of them were born before 1984, and 90% of hepatitis B sufferers were infected by their mothers who were chronic carriers.

Of newborn babies affected, 90% pf them will develop into chronic hepatitis B carriers, and the cause of 70% of those who die from liver cancer is chronic hepatitis B.  In Taiwan, 8,000 die from lover cancer each year.




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Top ten cancers of the Taiwanese in 2016

Top ten cancers of the Taiwanese in 2016

(1)  Cancer of the large intestine with 15,374 patients.

(2)  Lung cancer with 13,488 patients.

(3)  Female breast cancer with 12,672 patients.

(4)  Liver cancer with 11,075 patients.

(5)  Oral cavity cancer with 7,805 patients.

(6)  Prostate cancer with 5,359 patients.

(7)  Thyroid cancer with 3,679 patients.

(8)  Stomach cancer with 3,658 patients.

(9)  Skin cancer with 3,627 patients.

(10)  Esophageal cancer with 2,610 patients.


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