Taiwan to consider respite care system

Taiwan to consider respite care system

Taiwan’s current long term care 2.0 does not cater to the needs of 220,000 families who require specially trained foreign long term senior home care nurses.  These untrained foreign long term senior home care nurses must have over one month of free time so they can apply for respite care service training, and this cannot meet the needs of these families.

Taiwan’s Ministry of of Health and Welfare has been asked to establish a training system for respite care services for Taiwanese families that hire foreign long term senior home care nurses to provide institutional respite care and in-home respite care services.

An 87-year-old woman now being taken care of by an Indonesian home care nurse suffered dementia 13 years ago in 2005.  Her husband who is the same age as she refuses to commit her to a senior nursing home because of reports of abuses in some of these nursing homes.

An 80-year-old woman who has two adult sons who work cannot be adequately taken care of 24 hours a day.  Although the family applied for long term care 2.0 programs, these government services have been unable to provide 24-hour in-home care for the family.

Most foreign long term senior home care nurses working in Taiwanese homes are untrained in senior care, and there is no respite care service.  These foreign long term senior home care nurses do not have the spare time to receive outside training once they begin work for their Taiwanese host families.


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Looking for good talented and tech savvy workers? Go to Taiwan!

Looking for good talented and tech savvy workers?  Go to Taiwan!

Taipei Tech is holding its campus job fair beginning on March 21, 2018.

Some 130 businesses are offering over 6,000 job openings with starting monthly salaries from NT$35,000 to NT$45,000.  They also include 25 foreign businesses such as Amazon which has come to Taiwan to recruit talent.

For information about Taipei Tech, go to:  http://www-en.ntut.edu.tw/



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Taiwan scholarships for Vietnamese students

Taiwan scholarships for Vietnamese students

In 2017, Taiwan’s You Hua Biotech Medicine Co. donated NT%1,200,000 to Yang Ming University to set up a scholarship fund to encourage students at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology to attend Yang Ming University as exchange students.  The scholarship fund provided NT$10,000 per month per student and apprenticeship at You Hua Biotech.  That year, 24 Vietnamese students participated in the program.

In 2018, You Hua Biotech has provided another NT$1,200,000 scholarship assistance fund for students from the Vietnam National University Hanoi, the Hanoi University of Pharmacy, and the Taiyuan Agriculture and Forestry University to attend Yang Ming University.  It is estimated that at least 25 students from these universities will study at Yang Ming University in the 2018 school year.

Vietnamese students say that they rather go to Taiwan to study in stead of France because what they learned in France has not been practical.  What they learn in Taiwan is more practical.

Yang Ming University offers studies in high level cellular biology which is not offered by Vietnamese universities.

For information about Yang Ming University, go to:  http://www.ym.edu.tw/


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Will Taiwan achieve its 2025 goal of a nuclear free homeland?

Will Taiwan achieve its 2025 goal of a nuclear free homeland?

A Yahoo Taiwan survey of 1,200 responses conducted on March 16-19, 2018, shows that 2.6% are very confident that Taiwan will achieve its 2025 goal of a nuclear free homeland, 2.0% are “somewhat confident”, 6.0% are “not too confident”, 88.2% are “absolutely not confident”, and 1.2% “do not know”.

Because of the Tsai Ing-wen government’s policy of restarting the Shen Ao coal fired power plant and restarting the second generator group of Nuclear Power Plant No. 2 to ensure a stable power supply, electricity prices will be increased in April of 2018.  The survey asked if this were acceptable?  19.0% say “yes”, 78.6% say “no”, and 2.4% “do not know”.

Which method of electric power generation do you think would be most practical?  1.1% say “coal fired electric power generation”, 4.6% say “natural gas fired electric power generation”, 76.7% say “nuclear power”, 13.5% say “regenerative power sources such as solar power, wind power and hydroelectric power”, 2.1% say “other” and 2.0% “do not know”.

A previous Yahoo Taiwan survey of 6,600 responses conducted on March 15-18, 2018, asked about the passage of the environmental evaluation of the Shen Ao Coal Fired Power Plant by a vote of 8-9 after intervention by the head of the Environmental Protection Administration, seen by critics as political intervention:  5,7% “very much agree”, 3.2% “somewhat agree”, 4.1% “do not agree very much”, 86.3% “very much disagree”, and 0.7% “do not know”.

Scholars’s simulation estimates that the pollutants released by the Shen Ao coal fired power plant if it goes into operation will be 3 times the amount estimated by the environmental evaluation report.  This indicates that the government has intentionally  underestimated the amount of pollution by the plant when it becomes operational.

When asked:  Do you think air quality over northern Taiwan will be better or worse if the Shen Ao coal fired power plant goes into operation?  2.3% say “it will be better”, 1.6% say “it may be better”, 6.1% say “it may be worse”, 88.4% say “it will surely be worse”, and 1.6% “do not know”.

When asked:  Do you support the Shen Ao coal fired power plant in providing electricity to northern Taiwan?  7.1% “do”, 3.8% “somewhat support it”, 7.7% “do not support it very much”, 80.3% “very much do not support it”, and 1.1% “do not know”.  This survey consisted of 82.7% men and 17.3% women.

It seems that the Tsai Ing-wen government’s energy policy is all wrong, and is opposed by the majority of people.  Even with the dismantling of the brand new unused Nuclear Power Plant No. 4, 76.7% think nuclear power is the most practical way to generate electricity.

This is a slap in the face of the impractical and unrealistic political agenda of the 2025 nuclear free homeland policy of the vulgar government of the vulgar Tsai Ing-wen and her vulgar Democratic Progressive Party.


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Taiwanese seniors now surpass 14% of total population

Taiwanese seniors now surpass 14% of total population

In the first two months of 2018, the number of Taiwanese who died out number those born by 670 persons.  The number of Taiwanese seniors 65 years old and older now surpass the number of those 15 years old and younger.  Taiwanese seniors now surpass 14% of its total population.

Even with increased subsidies for families to have more children and building more public childcare facilities, it will be difficult to raise the birthrate to a sustainable level of a birthrate of 1.3 per woman of child bearing age.

The problem, a commentator says, is that young people of marriageable age and child bearing age have not confidence in their future on Taiwan.  And within 29 years, Taiwan’s population will drop by half.

The year 2018 is the 13th annual Hakka Tung flower festival and wedding season.  As of March 18, 2018, the Miaoli Hakka Tung Flower Festival, which celebrates the wedding season annually, has prepared wedding festivities for 66 new couples but only 52 couples have registered so far.  It seems that young people are not keen on marriage anymore.

The Miaoli Tung flower (Vernicia fordii) has five pink and purple pedals and blooms in March, April and May.


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Alarming marriage ages!

Alarming marriage ages!

In 2017, Taiwanese female government workers married at an average age of 34.69 years old, female teachers married at an average age of 35.31 years old, and policewomen married at an average age of 32.48 years old.

In January, 2018, there were 14,314 newlywed couples.  The marriage rate 7.5/1,000 people. There were 4,384 couples who divorced.  The divorce rate was 2.19/1,000 persons.

In 2017, 138,000 people got married and 54,412 couples divorced.  The marriage rate in 2017 was 5.86/1,000 people and the divorce rate was 2.31/1,000 persons.

According to Taiwan’s national household registry, at the end of December, 2017, Taiwan’s population 15-64 years old was 17,211,341 people, constituting 73.02% of Taiwan’s total population, those 65 years old and above numbered 3,268,013 seniors or 13.86% of the total population, and those 0-14 years old numbered 3,091,873 persons, or 13.12% of the total population.


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Happy New Year 2018 to you!

Happy New Year 2018 to you!

February 16, 2018, is Chinese New Year’s Day, the Year of the Dog.

At the end of 2017, there were 4,400,000 unmarried people 20-40 years old in Taiwan.  And between January and July, 2017, there were only 80,874 registered newlywed couples.

The Pyeong Chang 2018 Winter Olympics, February 9 to February 25, 2018, South Korea, is worth attending.  For the first time, the South Korean and the North Korean Olympic athletes will enter the arena together.

At the end of 2018, Taiwan will hold its nine-in-one local county and mayoral elections.  These elections may turn out to be a disaster for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party at the local level as a result of the growing discontent of the people after only two and a half years of  Tsai Ing-wen and her Democratic Progressive Party in government.  It might also be interesting to observe how a democratic election is conducted with major government buildings in Taipei tightly surrounded by rows and rows of razor wire fences, a democracy encircled by razor wire barricades, or as a commentator described as a “republic incarcerated by razor wire barricades”.

I wish you all a Happy 2018!



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