Chinese Herbal Medicines

Chinese herbal medicines are decoctions of medicinal herbs prescribed by a Chinese doctor.  These “prescriptions” are formulas that specify the herbs and the dosages of each herb by weight.  Specific formulas are “prescribed” for specific maladies according to tradition.

A single herb formula for lower back pain is the herb Eucommia ulmoides boiled to make a tea.  In Chinese herbal medicine, Eucommia ulmoides is a kidney cleanse.  One cup of hot Eucommia ulmoides tea can get rid of mild lower back pain.

A multiple herb formula for lower back pain and muscle pain is the Golden Essences Poultice Formula.   The herbal ingredients are:  Cercis chinensis, Heracleum hemaleyanum, Paeonia rubra, Dahurian angelica, Aconitum chinense, Gardinia jasminoides (Frutus gardeniae), Acorus gramineus, Phaseolus angularia, Pheum officinale, flour and rice wine, poultice.

Cercis chinensis belongs to the Chinese element Wood.  It reduces swelling and blood clotting.  Heracleum hemaleyanum belongs to the Chinese element Earth.  It stimulates blood circulation.  Paeonia rubra belongs to the Chinese element Fire.  It is a pain killer.  Acorus gramineus belongs to the Chinese element Water.  It reduces swelling and disperses blood clotting.  Dahurian angelica belongs to the Chinese element Metal.  It stimulates circulation through the muscles.  Gardinia jasminoides prevents blood clots and is anti-inflammatory.  Aconitum chinense is a dehydrating herb.  Phaseolus angularia reduces swelling and prevents heavy blood clotting.  Pheum officinale stimulates metabolism.  Flour and rice wine are the ingredients used to make the paste.

Some single herb formulas against intestinal roundworm include: the betel nut; garlic; cayenne pepper.

An interesting remedy for asthma is to boil ginger, wrap it in cloth, and rub the liquid on the upper back bone.

In a previous essay I mentioned that to alleviate asthma, place a hand on the upper back between the shoulder blades of the asthmatic and tell the sufferer to take several deep breaths.

Both remedies are based on providing warmth to the acupuncture point that affects breathing.  The name of that acupuncture point [穴門 xue men, 穴位 xue wei] is 风门 feng men or wind gate.  [In Mandarin Chinese, 风 feng means wind, 門 men means gate, 穴 xue means a pit or hole, 位 wei means seat or location].  And finally, to reduce age spots, make a honey and ginger drink and drink it every day!


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Victor Chen, herbalist, alternative healthcare lecturer, Chinese affairs analyst, retired journalist
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