Arches of my feet feel tight

Response to enquiry “Arches in my feet feel tight”.

Arches of the feet become tight for several reasons.  One common cause is the narrowness of new men’s dress shoes and the narrowness of women’s high heel dress shoes.  Equally common is standing for long periods at one place, such as cashiers at checkouts, bank tellers, etc.   A third reason is a cramp in the lower leg’s back muscles.  A cramp in the lower leg’s back muscles that remains tight will pull at the major muscle and tendon that line the arches of the feet and tighten the arch muscles and tendons.   Older people whose feet and legs are not well covered at night, sleeping under air conditioning vents, sleeping with an electric fan blowing at the feet or the legs, will also cause the arches in the feet to become tight.  I used to ride the street car and walk to work and I always used insoles to cushion my feet since I had to do a lot of walking. 

Use insoles.  Apply mentholated ointment on the muscles of the arch.  Massage the muscles of the arch.  Soak the feet in hot water.  

Check the comfort of your shoes.  If the shoes feel too tight, get a new pair with a wider designation.  Sometimes, loose shoes and old shoes will also cause tightness in the arch muscles and tendon because if the shoes are too loose, the feet have to “hold on” to the shoes by “arching”.  Arching the feet will definitely tighten the arch muscles and tendon.

Get rid of lower leg cramps immediately by rubbing or by “beating” with a baseball bat or a rubber mallet and roll the arch over a baseball or a golf ball.

To loosen the arches, the other bundles of muscles in the legts and feet must also be relaxed. The illustrations show the bundles of muscles that affect the arch of the feet.


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Victor Chen, herbalist, alternative healthcare lecturer, Chinese affairs analyst, retired journalist
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