Why are my feet and legs tight

This is a response to the enquiry:  “Why are my feet and legs tight.”

As a general response, the causes include (1) posture at work, (2) posture while sleeping, (3) intense stress and nervousness, (4) mental stress, constant anxiety, constant fear, (5) constantly on guard, constantly in a state of alertness, constantly in a state of “fight or flight” mode, (6)  excessive exercise, (7) jogging intensively every morning and then rushing to work immediately afterwards, (8)  lack of good circulation, (9)  the shoes are too tight, (10)  lack of exercise, (11) personal physical malformation, and (12) injuries.  And of course, the most common cause of all, your old bed!

(13)  If one has to stand for hours on end at work, one will have tight feet and tight legs.  (14)  Sleeping under a vent and the legs get cold while one is asleep will tighten the legs and the feet.  (15)  Intense stress as listed above tightens almost all of the body muscles.  (16)  Excessive exercise without time to relax the muscles afterwards keeps the muscles tight and one feels the tightness especially in the feet (sole) and ankles and along the outsides of the thighs.  (17)  Lack of good circulation can have many causes.  Immobility, blood vessel blockage, obesity, lack of exercise, seated in an economy class seat on a long flight, etc.  (18)  Shoes that are too tight, new shoes, inappropriate shoes, and shoes that are too narrow, will tighten the feet and the legs.  (19)  Personal physical malformation includes flat feet, bowlegged.  (20)  Injuries that realign the muscles and the nervous pathways, herniation of a disk of the spine, etc.

(21)  However, one of the most common causes of body muscle tightness is an old sunken bed. An old bed or mattress that is 5 years old or older is very harmful to one’s well being.  A sunken mattress will cause intense tightness all over the body, fatigue, depression, listlessness, bad temper, and insomnia.  Throw away the bed and sleep on three layers of US$ 19.00 carpets.  They make very good beds.




About masterchensays

Victor Chen, herbalist, alternative healthcare lecturer, Chinese affairs analyst, retired journalist
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