Ice cold water and kidney stones

This is a response to the statement and enquiry:  “Ice cold water and kidney stones”

This is a very good question and the answer is very important.

Do not consume ice cold water while having kidney stones.

The reason is this:  Cold water, ice cold water, lowers the body temperature, and the muscles react by contracting.  Blood reacts by reducing its fluidity, and as the Chinese say, the “blood thickens.” 

In the Falkland Islands War between England and Argentina, soldiers who were left in the battlefield unattended overnight, nearly froze and almost but did not freeze to death.   Many of those wounded who were rescued immediately from the battlefield bled to death during the rescue operation.  This prompted a new procedure in emergency rescue and in some ambulance service.  If the emergency involves a rescue of a bleeding victim, the new practice is to freeze the victim as soon as possible until the victim reaches the emergency room.  The freezing reduces blood loss. 

Ice cold water keeps the muscles and the tissues tight and it tightens their hold on the kidney stones.  Unless one wants to keep the kidney stones, it is strongly recommended that one does not consume any ice cold water, not even ice water, not even room temperature water.  It is strongly recommended that one starts drinking hot water, or better, hot tea. 

Hot water keeps the muscles soft and relaxed, and if one starts jumping about the kitchen, the living room, maybe even in the bedroom, the kidney stones might just be released from the grip of the tissue and the muscle of the wall of the duct which would be relaxed and soft because of the hot drink.  One could also try hot lime juice and hot lemon juice without sugar, so the only way to get lime juice and lemon juice without sugar is to squeeze the juice at home from fresh lime and lemon.


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