Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, vasoline against skin infections

Baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, vasoline are effective against different types of skin conditions and skin infections.

Vasoline or petroleum jelly and aloe vera gel seem to ease the itching due to non-infectious psoriasis.

Hydrogen peroxide kills the athlete’s foot fungus, tinea pedis.  When the athlete’s foot is soaked in hydrogen peroxide, foaming occurs and a white residue remains on the skin.  That white residue consists of dead fungus.

Athlete’s foot can also be alleviated by wearing open sandals or by walking barefoot on hot sandy beaches.  Both men and women who wear open sandals do not seem to have athlete’s foot.  

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda applied to superficial skin infections of the crotch will cause a severe “burning” sensation, and about half an hour after applying baking soda on the crotch area, it will become very moist and itching will return.  In this case, dry the crotch area and apply vasoline on it.  If one covers the crotch with baby powder, the itching will stop for a while, but as soon as the baby powder becomes moist, itching returns.  Instead of using baby powder, use vasoline or petroleum jelly instead.  Vasoline smoothes the skin, prevents scaling and scabbing, and keeps the crotch area from itching for a much longer time than baby powder would.   

Applying hydrogen peroxide to gangrene seems to be in line with hyperbaric oxygen therapy but the regular hydrogen peroxide one can buy is only 3%, and it does not seem to be strong enough to treat gangrene.  Pouring baking soda on the gangrene may be effective in extracting the foul pus inside the blisters.  Ultraviolet, infrared and white light therapy using regular colored light bulbs, hyperbaric oxygen therapy using denture cleasing tablets, and covering the gangrene with baking soda and then pouring some vinegar over it may be effective against gangrene.

If you try these “remedies” out and get positive results, I welcome your positive comments.


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