Stress ist ha”ufigste Ursache fu”r Langzeiterkrankungen.  Stress macht auf Dauer krank.  Eine aktuelle Studie hat nun ergeben, dass sta”ndige Anspannung am Arbeitsplatz die ha”ufigste Ursache fu”r Langzeiterkrankungen ist.

One of the pseudoparalysis cases recently was due to stress on the job caused by prolonged bad posture at work.  This additional stress hinders recuperation and rejuvenation.  We also know that stress and depression produce both psychological and physiological manifestations.

Back in the 1980s, the office secretary would get drunk everyday after work to destress.  Another bureaucrat would drink a bottle of cheap California red wine every night after work and often became incapacitated.  He died of liver malfunction at age 47. 

To destress after work, the Chinese drink hot tea.  I know of a Vietnamese food market owner who drinks beer and gets drunk on beer on weekends. 

The best way to destress after work is to take a hot bath, soak in a hot water jacuzzi,  practice tai chi or meditate before work.  A famous doctor always meditates for 40 minutes every morning before going to work.  One can also schedule the break period at work to practice meditation and tai chi.  One of my students does this at lunch time every day at work.


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Victor Chen, herbalist, alternative healthcare lecturer, Chinese affairs analyst, retired journalist
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