Shang Huo, Rising Fire 上火

Enquiry about “shang huo 上火 herbal treatment”

Shang huo 上火, or “rising fire”, can be inflammation of an organ, fever, severe stomach ache, high blood pressure, extreme nervousness and hot temper, extreme anger, and bellicose and combative attitude.

Herbal remedies to “cool” one down usually would be the flower teas, the “cooling teas”, all of which are sedatives. Straight flower teas such as chrysanthemum tea, the bitter teas like bitter melon tea are mild sedatives. The Five Flower Tea and the Wang Lao Ji tea are rather strong sedatives which may cause suicidal thoughts, severe depression, and general listlessness.

Herbal remedies to reduce inflammation, fever, severe stomach ache, and even high blood pressure, are disease-specific and the Chinese doctor will prescribe a combination of herbs as a decoction and a course of ingestion.

Enquiry about “Chinese medicinal herbs for stomach fire”

Stomach fire may be acid reflex, heartburn, bloating and constipation, stomach ache from eating cold foods and drinking iced water, iced tea and cold drinks, ulcers, etc.

For acid reflex and heartburn, remedies might include garlic, orange peel, tofu, Pepto Bismo like remedies, a lot of hot green tea, and stop eating the foods that brought on the heartburn such as tomato sauce covered pizzas, Italian pasta covered with tomato sauce, iced tea, etc.

To get rid of bloating and constipation, roll your baseball bat over your stomach and press down. Jump up and down! Take a purgative such as Senna leaf tea.

See a Western doctor if you have severe stomach ache caused by a stomach ulcer, especially if the ulcer is bleeding. However, if the ulcer is bleeding, and the person is in severe pain and is rolling on the floor, take the person to the emergency room. Do not allow the paramedics to give the person a blood transfusion. Bleeding ulcers usually do not cause life threatening blood loss. A soldier who is wounded by gunshot on the battlefield will usually suffer from life threatening blood loss. Experience gained from the Falkland war showed that soldiers who had bleeding wounds and who were left in the cold survived better than soldiers treated conventionally. If one is in the San Francisco area, never allow any paramedic to perform a blood transfusion. One will have a 50% chance of getting AIDS or a 50% change of getting hepatitis B. That means, one will have a 100% chance of getting either AIDS or hepatitis B. That also means, one will have about 6 more years to live and one will die from either AIDS or from hepatitis B.


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