Why does skin stay indented when pressed?

About “skin stays indented when pressed”

Edema or the accumulation of serous fluids around the ankles and joints causes swollen tissue. Directly pressing the swollen part will cause an indentation that stays indented. In acupressure, the swelling can be reduced by continually pressing the swollen part. In a sense, the finger pressure is pushing the serous fluids away and dispersing the accumulation, therefore the swelling goes down, and the indentation lingers on. Pain associated with the swollen tissue especially around the ankles is also reduced by continuously pressing the swollen part. As the swelling is reduced, so is the pain.

Healthy tissue and body fat have elasticity. Indentation due to pressing will not stay. Unhealthy tissue and body fat that are starved of blood flow and oxygen have less elasticity, and when pressed, the indentations will tend to linger on. Dying tissue around gangrene for example has less elasticity and the indentation tends to linger on after being pressed. Dying skin and thin muscle, that part with a purple and black color above the gangrene affected area are not elastic at all. They are very dry and hard. If tapping and pressing the area cause pain, it indicates that the nerves are still alive. In this case, continue to tap on the hard skin and muscle until the purple and black color lightens up to a light brown color. Continue to tap and press until the light brown color goes away.


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