Does iced tea cause heartburn

This is a response to the enquiry: “Does iced tea cause heartburn”

Technically, iced tea does not cause heartburn.

The iced tea made from Lipton tea bags (for iced tea, as the words on the box say) has no sugar content because there is no added sugar in the tea bags. Powdered “iced tea” that comes in cans does come with sugar. The color of the powder is greyish and very light brownish. There is a lot of powdered sugar or sweetener in it.

The iced tea made from both of these come out neutral or slightly alkaline. Tea itself is strongly alkaline and adding sugar to tea does not make the tea acidic.

Black coffee is actually quite alkaline. Adding sugar and cream to coffee makes the coffee acidic.

It is the change in acidity of ice water in the stomach mixed with starch that releases gas (carbon dioxide) that causes bloating, but not that much heartburn that pizza sauce would.


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