One side of mouth drooping slightly – MG?

This is a response to the search words “one side of mouth drooping slightly — Myasthenia gravis”

The onset of Myasthenia gravis is indicated at the beginning by dry eyes and drooping right eyelid, followed by sagging on the right side of the face. The right corner of the mouth may droop very slightly but sometimes hardly noticeable.

Therefore, for the condition to be Myasthenia gravis, there must first be dry eyes, drooping right eyelid, sagging right side of the face that may or may not affect the right corner of the mouth. At this stage, sudden physical weakness may occur around mid morning, mid afternoon or early evening maybe once or twice a week. These are the earliest stages of the onset of Myasthenia gravis.

For a year before sudden physical weakness takes over as the major symptom, dry eyes and drooping right eyelid are the two major symptoms. For the first nine months, the general practitioner sent my wife to see the eye doctor and the eye doctor even suggested eyelid surgery before the general practitioner finally realized what was really happening. This realization came when I told my wife to tell the doctor that perhaps it was Myasthenia gravis which I had suspected earlier when the symptoms of drooping right eyelid and occasional physical weakness occurred as pairing symptoms.


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