Sudden droopy dry eye

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The Merck Manual of Medical Information and the Merriam-Webster’s Medical Dictionary talk about the Sjo”rgen’s syndrome, keratoconjunctivitis sicca, sicca complex, and sicca syndrome. These are chronic conditions, they occur more in women, and they are related to arthritis.

A sudden droopy dry eye is not specifically mentioned in the references, however, they do mention several possible causes of dry eyes. They are: (1) Evaporation of tears. (2)Vitamin A deficiency. (3) Dehydration. (4) Bacterial infection that affects the eyelids. (5) Other diseases that will affect the eye, including diabetes, liver dysfunction, kidney dysfunction, alcoholism, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.

(1) Evaporation of tears occurs in very dry desert climates. If you visit Las Vegas, Nevada, and Phoenix, Arizona, in summer, when the ambient temperature is 109-112 degrees F, tears may evaporate. After walking the strip for ten minutes, my eyes dry out and I have to go indoors.

(2) Vitamin A deficiency can be corrected by eating carrots, drinking some carrot joice, but do not overdose on vitamin A because too much vitamin A intake will harm, rather than help, the eyes. The eggplant is known in Chinese medicine as harmful to the eyes and vision. Eggplants have purple skin and soft fibrous flesh inside. Eggplants are rich in vitamin A, and the Chinese recomment eating eggplants sparingly. In Chinese folklore, it is said that eating too much eggplant will make one go blind.

(3) Dehydration, again, occurs in desert climates like Las Vegas and Phoenix. Drink a lot of water, hot tea, especially when it is very hot outside, or even hot coffee. Sugar-containing drinks actually increase dehydration. Alcoholic drinks also dehydrate.

(4) Bacterial infection of the eye is rather common. Wash the hands with soap after touching wet surfaces, door knobs, kitchen table tops, after throwing out the trash, after touching one’s own feet or other people’s feet and hands, and after touching a public use towel, etc. Very frequently, bacteria can spread easily to the eye when one wipes the eye with one’s hand. One should wash hands very frequently.

(5) These diseases produce dry eyes. Hypothyroidism produces a puffy face, dry skin, droopy eyelids, thickened skin over shins, coarse skin, carpal tunnel syndrome, confusion and weight gain.


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