Psychological cause of acid reflex

There is a psychological cause of acid reflex. We have heard of cases of extreme anger or extreme sorrow bringing on stomach aches. The Chinese describe this kind of stomach pain due to extreme anger and sorrow as “jiao tong” or a “twisting or wringing pain”, a pain described as “wringing a towel”.

A person suffering from anxiety and depression would have frequent episodes of acid reflex and heartburn. The episodes are often triggered by either anxiety or by foods such as milk.

In one case, eating ginger caused the person to feel as if air was accumulating at the point where the esophagus connects to the stomach. This is the stomach’s reaction to the alkalinity of ginger. Usually this would not produce any sour taste in the mouth. Ginger is extremely alkaline and it stops acidity.

One way to see if acid reflex and heartburn are caused by physological dress, depression, and anxiety is to drink hot calming tea. If the number of episodes of acid reflex lessens after calming oneself down with the tea and lowering one’s anxiety, then one would know that the episodes of acid reflex and heartburn were being brought on by anxiety.


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