Cannot bend sideways, back pain

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When one bends sideways and there is back pain, it is important to know whether it is back shoulder pain around the shoulder blade, between the shoulder blades, a pulling sensation with dull pain in mid back, or is it lower back pain above the tail bone, or is it pain on the side above the buttocks. Pain in different locations indicates a different condition.

Back pain around the shoulder blade is the result of twisted muscle at the shoulder joints. Back pain between the shoulder blades indicates stress of the shoulder muscles and curving of the spinal cord. A pulling sensation with dull pain in mid back is due to bad posture, weight lifting, muscle misalignment due to arm exercises, weight lifting exercises, and similar exercises. Lower back pain above the tail bone is mid lower back pain. This is due to stress, standing for long periods, back pain due to lifting something off the floor inappropriately, or lifting something heavy by bending over it and lifting it with the lower back as the pivot instead of lifting it with the legs bearing the weight. Pain on the side above the buttocks may indicate weak liver or weak kidneys.

If one has twisted one’s lower back while playing golf, bending sideways will also cause lower back pain.


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