Dreams of rabid dogs

Dreams of rabid dogs are occasional dreams of mine too. Rabid dogs do not bark. They growl and show their teeth while saliva drips from their mouths.

Rabid dogs usually are seen from a distance in dreams. They are threatening. This indicates psychological apprehension and fear. It may indicate that some situation or some person in real life is being perceived as a threat.

The rabid dog is usually far away and not moving while it growls. As soon as the dog starts to move, our reaction is to run away. The person facing the rabid dog in the dream is watching it and is ready to flee at any moment. This reflects a feeling of intense apprehension and the solution is to flee. In real life, one is apprehensive about a particular situation and is ready to avoid it by fleeing, retreating, or withdrawing from the perceived threat.


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Victor Chen, herbalist, alternative healthcare lecturer, Chinese affairs analyst, retired journalist
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