Drooping lip

In response to the four enquiries about drooping lip: (1) Is a drooping lip dangerous? (2) Top left lip droops after stroke. (3) Drooping top lip. (4) Drooping lip cause.

Drooping lips indicate partial and localized paralysis of the muscles due to dysfunction of the Trigeminal Nerve V (that controls upper facial muscles), the Facial Nerve VII (that controls facial expression and taste), and the Hypoglossal Nerve XII (that controls muscles under the tongue and lower jaw muscles).

The causes may be a minor CVA (cerebrovascular incident), infection of the nerves, poisoning, overdose of anesthetics used by one’s dentist or his or her assistant, severe gum infection, getting punched in the jaw and face in boxing, etc.

(1) A drooping lip is usually localized unless paralysis of the lip expands to the jaw, the facial muscles, to the eyelids, etc. If paralysis spreads within a short period, that indicates continual CVA hemorrhage and internal cerebrovascular bleeding. This is dangerous.

(2) A stroke, a CVA, brain hemorrhage, and trauma to the head that damage the nerves controlling lip movement might bring on drooping lips after the stroke.

(3) Drooping top lip may be due to a dysfunction of the Trigeminal Nerve V and the Facial Nerve VII that control upper to mid facial muscles and facial expression, especially the nerves of the upper lip below the nostrils. These are the nerves that control upper lip movements when one smiles and lifts the corners of the mouth.

(4) As mentioned above, infection, CVA, cerebral hemorrhage, facial trauma in boxing, etc. can all be the cause.

If one notices drooping lips, use the middle finger and tap on the lips, around the mouth, on the sides of the nostrils, the cheeks, the lower jaw and chin. This tapping motion is a form of acupressure, not massage. One wants to notice how the drooping lip reacts. Tapping should bring back muscular elasticity of the lip muscles. A hot towel compress over the mouth and lips may also enliven the drooping lip muscles.


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