Dog reincarnation dreams

Chinrese folklore does not have too many stories about reincarnation into dogs. This is because the social status of the dog is the wondering scavenger and often rabid animal. The Cantonese serve dog meat that is said to warm the body in winter.

However, dreams of reincarnation into a dog have mostly been dreams of reincarnation into a female dog either pregnant or already having many puppies. A female dog with many of her puppies together playing and running about seems to be a rather common theme in dreams of dogs.

In traditional Chinese folklore, reincarnation into a male dog had negative connotations, indicating that one had done some bad deeds in life and one is being punished and cast down to reincarnate as a dog living a life of a lonely wondering scavenger.

Neither does Chinese folklore exalt the dog as a loyal companion of man. This is a Western northern European belief.

Another ralatively common dream of dogs is seeing or being a dog running in the snow. This is a Western theme and scene.

Dreams about reincarnation of a dog (wolf) into a human being is often described in Chinese folklore as a spiritual transformation. The wolf man syndrome can be described as a spiritual transformation. This has nothing to do with the physiological abnormality of heavy facial hair growth (hirsutism).


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