A dream of bull fighting

A dream of fighting or fending off a charging bull reflects the dreamer’s psychological struggle against a mentally perceived threat. This threat can be either imaginary or a real situation in life, although rarely a real threat.

The color of the charging bull is significant. A black bull symbolizes a negative threat, an evil threat. A white bull symbolizes an overwhelming situation that the dreamer feels. The bull of a non-threatening color named Bhrama is a sacred bull (Hinduism) and the scared bull is white in color. Threatening colors are colors of warning such as black and red, both colors of the devil.

Subsequent study of the background of the dreamer reveals a very clear interpretation of the significance of the bull in the dream. The dreamer is female. Several of her brothers were very tall and strong soccer players. Her father was British with an English patronymic name that means “son of the brave, the hardy one”. The father, according to her own description, was tall and stern, a typical British gentleman-farmer of the early to mid 1900s.

The bull in her dream thus represented her father. The specific mention of the name of the bull Bhrama is curious since she was born Catholic but she has had an affinity towards Buddhism.


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