Why I refuse to consume any Chinese mainland food products

Anyone who has ever tasted Chinese banquet foods and dim sum in Hong Kong (New York, San Francisco, British Columbia, Montreal) and good homemade Chinese meals will remember how good they tasted.

When I go to a Chinese Asian food market, I buy Indian, Ceylon, and Taiwan teas (not Chinese mainland products), fresh ground pork (American pork), and fresh Chinese vegetables (American farm grown) and California long grain, Texas long grain and Thai fragrant rice. I do not buy Chinese mainland foods.

Even when I buy soy souce, I buy the Lee Gum Kee Hong Kong soy souce, not the Chinese mainland brands.

The reason is very simple. Chinese mainland foodstuff tastes lousy and disgusting.

Taiwanese and Japanese plum wines are tasty and clean. Chinese mainland wines taste bad and dregs can almost always be found at the bottom of the bottle. The Chinese mainland wines also make your liver hurt. The difference between Chinese mainland gao liang of 56% alcohol by volume (hard sorghum liquor) and Taiwan’s exported gao liang of 46% alcohol is that the Taiwan gao liang has a very nice fragrance, it is clear, and tastes clean. The Chinese mainland gao liang tastes bitter and ugly, has absolutely no fragrance, and the quality is so poor despite its high alcoholic content that it gives me a very unpleasant after taste.

Chinese mainland black tea and Taiwan’s Wei Chuan black tea taste vastly different. The Wei Chuan black tea has a fragrance. The Chinese mainland black tea has no taste, looks dirty, and has no fragrance at all.

Even the Cantonese style preserved spicy tofu squares that come in small square bottles from Taiwan, Hong Kong, San Francisco and the Chinese mainland taste vastly different. The traditional preserved spicy tofu squares made on Taiwan, in Hong Kong and in San Francisco are preserved in good rice wine. One can taste the wine. The preserved spicy tofu squares made on the Chinese mainland are preserved in water, not rice wine. They have absolutely no taste. Often, they taste stale. Many other Chinese mainland foods also taste stale.

The reason why I refuse to consume Chinese mainland food products is very simple. They taste lousy! And they taste disgusting! And I have not mentioned that Chinese mainland foods may be hazardous to your health!


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Victor Chen, herbalist, alternative healthcare lecturer, Chinese affairs analyst, retired journalist
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