About the Chinese character “yuan” 圓 (circle)

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The Chinese character 圓 “yuan”, meaning “round, circle, circular, spherical” consists of the radical (character “kou”) meaning “a mouth,” the character “bei” meaning “a shell, precious” inside a four-sided enclosure. The characters 口 (kou) “mouth” and 貝 (bei) “precious” form the character 員”yuan” which means “a member” as in “a member of a committee” and “a member of a club.”人員 “Ren yuan” means personnel.

The character 圓 “yuan” meaning “round” is thus a symbol of a completely enclosed member. The character is used in the term 圆满 “yuan man” meaning “satisfactory, satisfactorily” and in news reports it is used in the expression: “The meeting closed successfully”会议圆满闭幕 (hui yi yuan man bi mu). It also means “complete.”


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