The sunken mattress and insomnia

The notorious sunken mattress, the culprit of many ills, throw it out!!

Yes, the sunken mattress is one of the major causes of insomnia. Other causes include cold bedrooms, cold feet, the neighbor’s loud music, barking dogs, hunger, coffee, strong tea, garlic, ginseng, sugar coated snacks all before bed, worrying about the economy, anger, and crotch itch.

The sunken mattress forces the body to settle into a distorted and awkward position. The awkward posture causes discomfort. Discomfort keeps one awake throughout the night.

The butt that is lower than the torso bends the spinal cord towards the stomach. The butt that is higher than the torso causes blood to rush towards the brain.

The torso that sinks down into the mattress curves and bows the spinal cord unnaturally compared to sleeping in the fetal position which is a natural curving of the spine.

If you sleep sideways, the torso and the butt are not aligned if the mattress is a sunken mattress and the spinal cord is forced to curve sideways, squeezing the muscles on the bottom side and pulling the muscles on the top side.

A sunken mattress also cramps the shoulders.

All of these postures create discomfort and cause insomnia.


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Victor Chen, herbalist, alternative healthcare lecturer, Chinese affairs analyst, retired journalist
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