Trampoline jump causes pain

In response.

In trampoline jumping, several places may experience pain. (1) The kidney; (2) Inner thigh; (3) The knee; and (4) The back muscles of the lower leg.

In trampoline jumping, the jumper lands on the soles of the feet in a soft landing and is then propelled by the trampoline upwards. The pain may be felt either upon the soft impact landing or in the air after being propelled upwards.

(1) Kidney pain while trampoline jumping would be felt on the soft impact and the pain will linger on the upward movement. This indicates a weak kidney. One must immediately cleanse the kidney with a kidney cleansing tea. One of the most effective kidney cleansing tea is Eucommia tea (Du Zhong Cha).

A sedentary lifestyle for four weeks will bring on kidney pain during urination. The immediate solution is to drink a hot cup of Eucommia tea. After 20 minutes, the kidney will not hurt anymore during urination.

An Austrian lady who drives a Porsche convertible complained of persistent lower back pain and discomfort. She called from Florida and I told her to get some Eucommia (Du Zhong Cha) tea and drink it. After a cup of relatively strong Eucommia tea, her lower back pain went away in 20 minutes also. That was some ten years ago.

(2) Pain in the inner thigh that occurs while one is trampoline jumping indicates that the thigh muscles are extremely tight. Sometimes, as one jumps up and down on the trampoline, the inner thigh will quiver and tremble. These indicate thigh muscle fatigue. Relax the thigh muscles by rubbing a lot of vapor rub or muscle pain relief gel on both the outer and the inner thighs.

(3) If the knee hurts while trampoline jumping, it indicates either arthritis in the knee or a weak knee. A weak knee that hurts upon soft impact may have edema in the knee under the knee cap.

(4) When the back muscles of the lower leg hurts upon the soft impact landing and persists on the upward movement when trampoline jumping, these muscles are having a muscle cramp. It is somewhat like the lower leg cramp one has in the morning when the feet and lower legs are too cold but the pain is less severe. This indicates that the lower leg muscles are extremely fatigued and they have tightened up. When these muscles get too tight, they go into a cramp, i.e., a Charley horse. Relax the lower leg muscles by applying plenty of vapor rub or muscle pain relief gel.


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