A dream about a ring of fire in the evening sky

I dreamt about a ring of fire in the evening sky.

The dream began with a general warning that some disaster was about the befall the city. I took the train to the countryside. There I went into a church. The pastor talked to me and offered me two toys. One was a toy gun that made a duck’s quack when pressed. The other was a toy piano. I played a children’s tune on it and some people in the congregation sang along.

It was evening and I wanted to take the train back to the city. I found that I did not have enough money for the train ticket, so I returned to the pastor to ask if he could lend me some money for my train ticket. He was very generous and took out several shining silver coins from a pouch. He showed me the coins. They were shiny silver quarters. I accepted them and left for the train station. As I approached the station, I looked up and saw a huge ring of fire hovering over half of the city. The ring was formed by several burning and flaming balls of fire. I reminded myself in the dream: “There is still time to get back to the city.” Then I woke up.

The Western interpretation of this dream indicates monetary and business prosperity.

In Chinese dream inpterpretation, fire symbolizes “wang`”, or prosperity. Right now, I am waiting.


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