Guarana extract and blood sugar levels

Guarana is caffeine, a pure stimulant. Sugar is an energy source. Blood sugar levels are controlled by insulin and the amount of sugar one ingests.

Sugar is also an extract from sugar beets, sugarcane, etc. There are two kinds of sugars: Biological liquid sugar is the sugar one finds in bananas, sugarcane, fruits, honey, maple syrup, glucose, fructose, etc.

Crystalline sugar is the sugar one buys at the supermarkets. Then there are the artificial sugars like aspertame, etc. These sugars are evil !!! These sugars cause death !!! Diseases directly related to the overdose of sugar include diabetes, blood sugar shock, stroke, coma, etc.

The mixture of guarana and sugar in off the shelf diet pills is evil !!

Unlike salt, which the body needs, sugar started out as an artificial sweetener and additive. We ingest enough sugar from daily fruits and vegetables. Any overdose of sugar from eating too much artificially sweetened processed foods will mess up our insulin and our blood sugar levels.

An overdose of guarana from diet pills will cause severe facial outbreaks in five days. Guarana extract is also absolutely unnecessary for human physiological functions.


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Victor Chen, herbalist, alternative healthcare lecturer, Chinese affairs analyst, retired journalist
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