How to find body marks of reincarnation

The more famous body marks of reincarnation are unexplained wound like marks on a baby’s body. Sometimes these body marks do not appear until the child is two years old or in the early teens. In other cases, body marks of reincarnation do not manifest themselves until early childhood and even adulthood after the person becomes aware of his or her previous traumatic life and the “wound” suffered during the previous life.

In Chinese and Latin American myths, diseases are often attributed to those of a previous life or a spirit of another person who has taken possession of a living person.

My mother died of severely enlarged liver dysfunction. She went into a coma for 26 days before she physically died. The nurse who was completely healthy when she moved into my mother’s former residence died six months later from severe liver dysfunction. The nurse told the doctor that she had dreams about my mother wanting her to move out or else.


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