Dream meaning of reincarnated pet

The meaning of a dream of being reincarnated into a pet depends on which pet one dreamt of being reincarnated into.

In Chinese dream interpretation, reincarnating into a cow, a water buffalo, a pig, or a dog, indicates a warning by the subconscious mind that if one is thinking of doing something that is dishonest, one will be castigated as the reincarnated animal in the next life.

Also in Chinese dream interpretation, boosting one’s self confidence or a hidden desire for courage in dealing with real life events is indicated by dreaming of reincarnating into a tiger, a bear, etc.

A dream of reincarnating into an elephant or a white cow has religious significance, perhaps a reaffirmation of one’s religious faith.

A dream of reincarnating into a snake, according to Chinese folklore, may indicate a spiritual travel into the netherworld, something like what some boastful monks claim as “yun you” or “traveling the clouds” into the netherworld and to Hell and back.

Another interpretation of reincarnating into a pet is related to a desire to be with a loved one or to fulfil one’s sexual fantasy. The dream may indicate a desire to be along side of or to be with that certain person as his or her pet. For example, a dream of reincarnating into a pet dog so one could lick the private parts of a desired sex partner is a sexual fantasy dream.


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