Tight feeling muscles inner thigh pregnancy

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Yes. There are at least three causes of tight inner thigh muscles, twitching of inner thigh muscles, sharp stinging pain of the nerves of the inner thigh muscles: (1) cold bedroom; (2) exercise; (3) body weight imbalance.

(1) In a cold bedroom with insufficient blankets, the body, especially the lower body from the waist down, gets cold, and the muscles tighten up and cramp up. The Chinese term is “chou tong”, meaning “pulling pain.”

(2) There is a particular exercise that some women do to harden and enlarge their butt. It is a rump beauty exercise. It involves stretching the legs backwards. This particular exercise pulls and twists the deep inner thigh muscle groups. A lady did the exercise, got her big round rump, but the exercise pulled and twisted her deep inner thigh muscle. I told her that I would prefer a smaller butt than more inner thigh and big toe pain. She has been taking prescription muscle relaxants at dangerous dosages to no avail. The only way to relax that deep inner thigh muscle is with deep tissue acupressure. She suffers from pain from the lower back down the inner thigh to the big toe.

(3) Being pregnant, the center of gravity of the body is skewed. The additional weight of the pregnancy is mostly borne by the thighs. Since the pregnancy normally lasts for 9 months, the thighs must bear that weight throughout that period. The weight bears down on the thighs while standing, walking, and sitting. To carry the additional weight, the thigh muscles tighten up, and the inner thigh muscles become more rigid to maintain the upper body’s center of gravity at the center line of the torso. During pregnancy, the muscles of the lower back, the lower spine, and the thigh muscles have to bear extra weight and the muscles have to work harder, i.e., tighten up more.


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