Dreams of cargo ships

I often dream of boarding cargo ships in a harbor or a river. I also have dreams of boarding cargo ships and then walk across a gangway onto a luxury ocean cruise ship. In my dreams of boarding cargo ships, I always walk through the dark cargo hold. I feel confined when I walk through the cargo hold of the cargo ship but then I feel a strong sense of “being free” as soon as I walk across the gangway onto the luxury ocean liner. Thus, a dream of being on a cargo ship to me is a dream of longing to be free from my current daily constraints of work and social duties and obligations.

I also have dreams of intentionally boarding a cargo ship to sail away on it.

Therefore, a dream of being confined on a cargo ship is a dream that reflects one’s feeling of confinement and constraint, a lack of freedom. There is a sense that one cannot act according to one’s true free will. There is also a feeling that one is like the cargo, being tied down, being carried along without really knowing the ship’s final port of call or destination.


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Victor Chen, herbalist, alternative healthcare lecturer, Chinese affairs analyst, retired journalist
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