Vinegar wash

Vinegar cleans the kitchen counter by killing germs, preserves food, and kills foul odor.

Used in combination with baking soda, it creates a hyperbaric environment by releasing a massive amount of oxygen. I brush my teeth with vinegar and baking soda. This combination whitens the teeth almost as effectively as fresh lime juice and baking soda, it kills germs in the mouth, and it kills athlete’s foot fungi. After application, the moist skin dries out. And of course, vinegar gets rid of foul odor and makes everything smell like vinegar.

Vinegar wash applied to the skin of the arms and legs would kill germs on the skin because of vinegar’s high acidity.

However, only white distilled vinegar seems to work. Rubbing the skin with sweet vinegar is like rubbing the skin with sour wine. Sweet vinegar is not acidic enough because it is adulterated with sugar.

A shot glass of vinegar will calm the stomach. The Japanese use vinegar to “cure” the rice used in sushi wrap. The Chinese use vinegar as a dip with shrimp, sweet and sour pork, and dim sum dishes to cut down the grease of fried foods. One of my favorite dips is ginger soaked in vinegar. Steamed shrimp and steamed pork with a heavy layer of fat and skin dipped in vinegar tastes almost heavenly. I also make my own pickled vegetables by soaking them in white distilled vinegar. They make a very good vegetable dish.


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