Most likely event for foot bones to break

This is in response to the enquiry: “most like foot bone to break from fall from heights [sic]”

It is almost impossible for the bones in the feet itself to break from a fall. A fall from a height of 30 feet that lands on the ankle can break the ankle bone and shatter it into 8 to 12 broken bone fragments, according to a British report.

The smaller bones in the toes and the ankle bones are more likely to break than the longer foot bones of the feet. Usually, toe bones, ankle bones and foot bones break when they are crushed or when one’s foot bones suffer from osteoporosis and one kicks a solid object. The most common cause of foot bones being broken is when a foot is caught by a heavy car door that is slammed shut, and this happens to younger children who emerge from the back seat of the family car while someone slams the car door.


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