Busted blood vessel and popped veins in carpals

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It is important to note where the busted blood vessel is. (1) Is it on the lower arm? (2) Is it near the wrist or is it away from the wrist? If the busted blood vessel is at the wrist or near the wrist, it may be due to a cut from surgery. If the busted blood vessel is on the inside of the forearm, it indicates blockage of circulation. Is the color of the busted blood vessel blue or pink? Bue indicates an accumulation of dead blood. Pink indicates there is internal bleeding. Wrap the area with bandage. If the busted blood vessel is near the wrist, one can wear a wrist band.

Vein popped in carpals

Popping veins result from internal accumulation of blood and very high internal blood pressure. In extreme high blood pressure and hypertension cases, blood vessels are known to burst. The location of the popping veins is very important. In most cases, the veins in the brain pop and cause CVA (cerebrovascular accidents), cerebral hemorrhage, etc.


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