Dreams of kitten on train tracks

In dreams, train tracks symbolize a barrier, a crossing, an opportunity to travel and to go to far away places. There are usually two scenarios involving train tracks: (1) The dreamed train tracks are in front and one has to cross it; (2) One walks along the tracks or rides a train and sees the train tracks ahead; (3) One rides a train or drives a train on train tracks into a train station; (4) One sees the train tracks at a train station and is about to board the train for a trip.

The kitten symbolizes and reflects the dreamer’s timidity and feeling of being physically small and weak and vulnerable.

The dreamer feels timid and physically vulnerable as he or she is about to embark on a trip, a career, a task, a mission in real life. The kitten cannot see the end of the tracks as the dreamer cannot see into the future, and therefore, the dreamer feels timid and vulnerable.


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Victor Chen, herbalist, alternative healthcare lecturer, Chinese affairs analyst, retired journalist
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