Pain in right lower back tensing [sic]

In response.

Pain in the right lower back when tensing in Chinese medicine indicates a weak liver and weak right kidney.

If pain is felt tensing without being pressed, this may indicate that the liver and the right kidney are weaker than normal weakness and the liver or the right kidney may be compromised.

This may be the result of drinking very bad wine such as California wine, or very bad liquor, for example, very cheap tequila, etc.

Pain in the right front in the abdominal area is a direct indication of a weak liver. This can be the result of cheap Chinese wine and cheap ouzo.

In general, a low driver’s side bucket seat will cause lower back pain across the lower back above the buttocks, not one-sided pain. However, pain across the lower back when tensing is an indication that the very low driver’s side bucket seat is the main cause. In this case, trash the car and get an SUV, a Scion, a mid-sized Toyota, a pickup truck, a jeep, or any car that is taller than the driver.


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