Swollen legs after driving

In response to three enquiries: (1) Swollen legs after driving; (2) Knee and leg hurt when pressing on the accelerator pedal; and (3) Foot hurts from reaching for the gas pedal.

In all cases, the low driver’s side newfangled bucket seat is the culprit.

(1) Legs can become swollen due to edema brought on by poor circulation of blood and oxygen to the leg muscles. The shape of the driver’s side bucket seat is cutting off circulation.

(2) Knee and leg hurt when pressing on the accelerator pedal because when one tries to push the foot forward to step on the gas pedal, one stretches the muscles of the knee and the leg. If the muscles and tendons of the knee and the leg do not have sufficient circulation of oxygen and blood, the muscles become fatigued. In order to try to keep functioning, the muscles tighten and retain extra tension. This wears out the muscles and the tendons even more. Any voluntary movement as in pressing on the gas pedal that requires stretching the knee and the leg will bring on pain.

(3) When the foot is “frozen” in a position right on the gas pedal when driving an automatic transmission vehicle for a long distance and a long period of time, and then one tries to step on the gas pedal, one stretches the leg and foot muscles. The muscles have to immediately move and stretch from a frozen position. The stretching causes pain in the foot. Sometimes, the ankle “freezes up” and one feels pain in both the foot and the ankle.

Put a pillow under the butt while driving, move the driver’s seat forward and higher so the chest is closer to the steering wheel, or trash the car with the newfangled low driver’s side bucket seat and get a car that is taller than you.


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