Not a stroke, high blood pressure facial droop

In response.

Extremely high blood pressure causes major strokes. A combination of two prescription medications for high blood pressure and diabetes will cause facial droop in the morning. Blood pressure that surges, i.e., blood pressure that can be lowered to normal levels with fist making and finger stretching hand exercises but sometimes will surge to the upper 198s and 210s will cause so-called “microstrokes” according to the emergency room doctor at Northwest Memorial and cause the patient to go into a coma and drift in and out of coma for 8 hours. During these 8 hours, emergency room attempts to control the blood pressure spikes were not immediately successful. The attempts were finally successful in stabilizing the blood pressure only after the patient stopped drifting in and out of consciousness and unconsciousness and remained conscious continuously for a duration of 3 hours under continuous monitoring in the ER.


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