Twisted sciatic nerve and leg muscles

Twisted sciatic nerve and leg muscles seem to occur more in the right leg. It is painful to stand and walk for more than a few minutes, and one needs to sit down. The pain may be a persistent dull pain with frequent sharper pain. The entire leg feels tight. Remedies include applying muscle rub on the buttock, the thigh and the leg, taking a very hot shower, leg stretching, acupressure and massage. However, it usually takes about 30 days to 45 days before the pain eases and the leg relaxes.

One of the remedies to “untwist” the sciatic nerve and the leg muscles is to lie face down on a flat surface and have someone press the butt and the pelvic muscles with the hand, or have someone sit on the butt and wiggle. The wiggling will force the twisted muscles to readjust into their proper positions and alignment. This can be done fully clothed or in the nude.


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