Why does the monkey not trust the horse?

The horse is a majestic animal. Arabian horses are tall and their elegant heads stand tall and proudly above other domesticated animals. The Mongolian horses are short legged but they can run very fast. Horseback archery enabled the Mongols to ride from the Gobi to the Black Sea. Some horses are more timid than others but the more timid horse still stands proudly and tall. Persons born under the sign of the horse are described as achievers and “face saving” with a rather gentle personality and temperament. Keeping to the principle is very important. Regularity and control are important. The horse personality is stubborn based on the sense of keeping the standard or being the standard bearer. The horse stays calm unless startled.

The monkey is generally described as a clever animal with quick wit, rambunctious, playful, sometimes innocently mischievous, sometimes foolishly courageous, and inventive. Monkey personalities have a disrespect for overbearing rules and regulations. Sticking to principle is not that important, therefore monkey personalities are more inventive and creative. Regularity is boring and being controlled feels very distasteful. The monkey personality is rebellious. The monkey personality can be stubborn but the monkey personality’s stubbornness is based on self-confidence and holding to one’s own ideas. The monkey moves its head constantly, never staying still. The monkey startles others.

The horse personality is predictability. The monkey personality is unpredictability. The monkey does not trust the horse since the monkey can react spontaneously but the horse may not want to move spontaneously. The monkey cannot trust the horse to react accordingly in the monkey’s opinion. But the horse says: “That monkey has no principles. It does not know how to stand still like I do.”


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