Pain after falling on back trampolining

In response.

Several situations must be considered here: (1) Did one fall onto the trampoline? (2) Did one fall outside the trampoline onto the floor? (3) Did one slip and lose footing when landing on the trampoline and fell on one’s back on the trampoline? (4) Where is the pain? Is the pain in the lower back or the mid back? (5) How soon after the fall did the pain come on? (6) Is the pain affecting one’s ability to stand or walk?

(1) A likely scenario is that one landed on the trampoline and the feet slipped and one fell backwards onto the trampoline. After getting off the trampoline, the lower back began to hurt. This indicates that the lower back muscles were twisted when one tried to keep balance at the moment of impact on the trampoline and one slipped. The pain should be in the lower back.

(2) If one fell outside the trampoline onto the floor and the mid back hit the ground on impact, the mid back muscles tightened and the tight mid back muscles are causing the pain.

(3) Losing one’s footing while landing on the trampoline would cause the muscles to tighten in order to maintain the center of gravity although to no avail. The muscles of the mid and lower back may have twisted and tightened up. Pain from these muscle movements lingers on.

(4) The pain should be in the lower back, the mid back or in the pelvic muscles.

(5) If the pain was felt immediately after the fall, it indicates twisted muscles. If the pain came on later, it indicates that the muscles are not relaxing and are not returning to their original positions. Take several very hot showers to relax the muscles.

(6) If the pain is affecting one’s ability to stand or walk, one should be able to tell where the pain is. Muscle rub, massage, acupressure, hot shower, stretching exercises are all necessary to alleviate the pain.


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