Is jumping rope dangerous for women’s internal organs?

In response.

There had been a few reports of injury to internal organs back in the 1960s during the hoola hoop craze resulting from extreme “hoola hooping”.

Jumping rope is an American expression. The British and Australians call it skip rope or skipping rope. Unlike “hoola hooping”, jumping rope does not involve whirling the waist and the butt. Instead of a horizontal movement of the butt relative to the ground in hoola hooping, jumping rope involves an up and down motion of the entire body and a natural bouncing that involves the front part of the feet and the “ball” of the feet. The physical intensity of motion of the body is much less than that in hoola hooping.

Body builders, weightlifters, boxers, all train with jumping rope exercises.

Jumping rope for a limited period of time, jumping rope with shoes on, jumping rope on a smooth surface, should not be dangerous for internal organs.

Jumping rope is not recommended for women who are pregnant, and women who have just had a cesarean section.


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