Jump rope, drink hot tea, and tell the kidney stone: “Get Out!”

In response to the enquiry: “Is it jump rope and drink a lots of water will help kidney stone out?” [sic]

Jumping rope creates movement of anything that is not physiologically attached to the internal organs. So it helps loosen the grip on the kidney stone.

The “lots of water” one drinks must not be ice water or cold water. It must be hot water if one does not like hot tea. Ice water and cold water turn acidic in the stomach, and this increases blood acidity, the major culprit of kidney failure. Hot water, hot soup, hot tea, are alkaline and they remain alkaline in the stomach. Alkalinity reduces blood acidity, and reducing blood acidity is the major remedy (Western medical treatment) for kidney dysfunction. Dialysis serves to reduce blood acidity in the kidney.

Ice water causes heartburn. Ice water tightens the muscles and makes the tissue contract, and this will make the grip on the kidney stone tighter.

So, jump rope, drink hot tea, and tell the kidney stone: “Get Out!”


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Victor Chen, herbalist, alternative healthcare lecturer, Chinese affairs analyst, retired journalist
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