Petroleum jelly

In response to the enquiry: “Petroleum jelly athlete’s foot”.

Petroleum jelly is very effective in stopping crotch itch. It also softens the skin and soothes non-infectious psoriasis. The reason petroleum jelly stops crotch itch is because the tinea coporis is either on the surface of the moist skin or inside the first layer of dying skin. Tinea coporis survives in a moist or watery environment. Since water and oil do not mix, the oily environment of the petroleum jelly excludes the water moisture. Without the water moisture, tinea corporis cannot survive. Crotch itch is stopped.

When petroleum jelly is applied to tinea pedis (athlete’s foot), it produces the same oily environment. Tinea pedis survives in the moist watery environment of the skin between the toes. When this environment becomes an oily moistureless environment, the tinea pedis would not be able to survive.


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