Hot water, cold water, ice water, hot tea, cold tea, iced tea

In response to the enquiry: “Does regular cold tea cause stomach bloating?”

Get a big pitcher. First fill it with hot water or hot tea. Now drink as much as one can without stop. Try the same with cold water or cold tea. Then try the same with iced water or iced tea.

If you drink a pitcher of hot water or hot tea, you will not feel any discomfort. If you drink a pitcher of cold water or cold tea, you will feel very full. Your stomach will feel bloated. You will feel the weight of the water inside the stomach. And at that moment, your total body weight will increase by the weight of the pitcher of water you just consumed. If you drink a pitcher of iced water or iced tea, you will bring on acid reflex, heartburn, a feeling of bloating, and sometimes hiccups.


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