Bending sideways triggers pain in lower right side

In response to several enquiries: “Bending sideways triggers pain in lower right side”, “back pain bending sideways”, “lower right side pain when bending sideways”, “lower back pain bending sideways”.

An engineer of a beer production facility came to me for about five years trying to get rid of severe pain when walking and bending sideways. The pain was at the pelvic area or lower left side. The pain was felt in the front on the left side of the crotch at the pelvic and thigh bone joint area.

The cause of the engineer’s pain was degeneration of the bone and cartilage at the left pelvic joint. The only solution is joint replacement which the engineer refused. There was no alternative remedies. Glucosamin chondroitin was recommended to ease the joint damage.

Go for an X-ray of the pelvic joint to see if there is any form of degeneration, loss of cartilage, osteoporosis of the pelvic and thigh bones, etc.


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