Reflexology points for right side paralysis

In response.

Reflexology for recovery from paralysis assumes that the nerves are still alive, the muscles are not severed or damaged, and the paralysis is not due to CVA (cerebrovascular accident) of any kind.

Reflexology starts out with the trigger points. Here are a few: (1) the midpoint of the arm and shoulder joint in front and back; (2) midpoints on the side, front and back of the pelvic and thigh joint; (3) all along the tendon and muscle of the outside of the thigh; (4) one inch below the bend of the back of the knee where the lower leg muscles begin; (5) midpoint of the arch of the foot; and (6) all of the toes of the foot.

Reflexology must be accompanied by rehabilitative physical exercises such as having the paralyzed arm lifted upwards, having the paralyzed leg lifted upwards, having the paralyzed leg undergo bending exercises with the help of the caretaker or physical therapist.

Cover the paralyzed limbs with a heavy application of muscle rub and massage to enliven the nerves and the muscles.

All of these need to be done at least twice a day until voluntary movement occurs. Involuntary twitching of the paralyzed limb or formerly dull and insensitive muscles of the limb may precede voluntary movment.


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