Scarlet fever dream

A dream of catching scarlet fever since it is “an acute contagious febrile disease” (Merriam-Webster’s Medical Dictionary) reveals a fear of strange and perhaps perceived to be threatening and dangerous crowds of people.

The most prominent feature of scarlet fever is borne out by its name, “scarlet”, which refers to the red rash that appears. (Merriam-Webster’s Medical Dictionary) Suddenly having a red rash on the face or the body is a very scary thing when one suddenly realizes that the red rash does not go away. The dreamer feels that he or she is being “marked”. In ancient Chinese, traditional Muslim, and Roman cultures, criminals were punished by having a “mark” burned on the forehead while those convicted of stealing will have one of their fingers chopped off even today in some “modern” Arab countries. And in modern day Iran and some northern areas of Afghanistan an adulterous woman is “marked” and then stoned to death.

If one dreams of having scarlet fever and is incapacitated, the dream reflects a sense of being defeated by overwhelming circumstances, by forces out of one’s control, a sense that one is temporarily incapable of overcoming some force or difficulty or situation in real life. In this dream, the scarlet rash symbolizes a wound that reflects a feeling of being wounded by that external situation in real life.


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