Bleeding athlete’s foot and open wound on toe with green pus

In reponse to two enquiries: (1) Open cut on toe with green pus; (2) What to do if athlete’s foot bleeds?”

An open cut on the toe with green pus means that the open wound on the toe is infected by Clostridia, a bacteria picked up from the soil.

Soak the toe in hydrogen peroxide until the skin of the toe turns white and stops foaming. If it still foams and there is still green pus, soak the toe again, several times a day, for several days. Wash the toe with a lot of soap. Use a rough scrubbing pad to scrub away the pus. It is actually okay if the wound bleeds after scrubbing. That means there is new blood coming to the wound. New blood coagulates, green dead blood does not coagulate. Blood that coagulates closes wounds.

The green pus can also be absorbed and dried out using baking soda. A generous amount of baking soda poured onto the open wound of the toe will help dry up the pus and the wound and facilitate quick healing.

If the athlete’s foot bleeds, one needs to check to see what is causing the bleeding. If the bleeding is from an open wound, then wash the foot with a lot of soap, then soak the foot in hydrogen peroxide to kill the tinea pedis. The tinea pedis is chewing into the flesh, causing it to bleed.

If the bleeding is caused by using a rough towel to wipe or scrub the itchy part between the toes, that means the tinea pedis is eating away the flesh. Again, drying the open wound with hydrogen peroxide will stop the bleeding.


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