Red and purple blotches on palm

In response.

Yes, I had seen hands with red and purple blotches on the palm. The larger blood vessels are the blue veins one sees on the back of the hands. The red and purple blotches on the palm indicate internal bleeding from capillaries that supply blood and oxygen to the muscles of the hands. The red blotches are areas where the capillaries have burst and there is fresh internal bleeding. The purple blotches are areas where the blood from the burst capillaries has died. The dying red blood cells have turned dark and the blood is depleted of oxygen. There is an accumulation of dead blood that appears purple.

This is most likely from a botched carpal tunnel surgery. However, there may be other causes. For example, if one’s hand is caught by a slamming car door without visible external injuries to the hand or even to the skin, there may be internal injury to the hand, including bursting of some internal blood vessels, i.e., the smaller blood vessels that go into the hand from the bottom of the wrist, not the larger blood vessels of blue color one sees on top of the hand.


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