Backache cannot bend

In response.

Backache that prevents one from bending can be due to (1) stiff back muscles, and (2) spinal disc herniation.

(1) Stiff back muscles are caused directly by a sunken and uneven bed and mattress. It can also be the direct result of a bad chair, sleeping in a stiff posture, being forced to stay in or maintain an upright and erect posture for long periods, etc.

(2) A herniated disc of the spinal cord may produce a constant and dull backache that causes the back muscles to stiffen and tighten, thus preventing one from bending.

Take a hot shower with the back towards the shower head, then apply a generous amount of vapor rub or muscle pain relief gel on the entire back to relax the back muscles. Correcting a disc herniation by acupressure or physical therapy exercise may also be useful to get rid of the backache.


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