Jerky pressure on gas pedal due to tight ankle

In response to the enquiry: “Exercises to prevent jerky pressure on vehicle’s gas pedal due to tight ankle on driving foot.”

Yes, especially when driving an automatic transmission vehicle, a tight and stiff ankle forces the driver to step on the gas pedal in jerks.

To alleviate the tight and stiff ankle so that the ankle will not tighten up while driving, do the following: (1) Take a hot shower and place the ankle directly under the shower head, and let the jets of hot water blast the ankle. (2) When the ankle is warm, try bending the ankle by bending the foot and the toes. (3) When the bending of the foot and the toes does not cause pain, then try sitting on the heel of the foot. In this position, the toes would be bent, the sole of the foot would be perpendicular to the toes, and the butt can sit on the heel. (4) Stay in this position for about 10 to 15 minutes. (5) One can do this exercise in the bathtub, inside the shower stall, or on a hard floor. (6) Doing this exercise on the bed does not work because the bed is too soft, regardless of how firm the mattress is. (7) Do this exercise in the evening, before going to bed, and in the morning before driving. (8) Before driving, put a generous amount of vapor rub on the ankle. (9) When the ankle feels softer, add walking exercises to the daily routine. Walk more and drive less.


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