Tightness in palm after carpal tunnel surgery

In response.

Tightness in the palm after carpal tunnel surgery is of two sources: (1) Skin tightness; and (2) Muscle tightness.

When skin and muscle are cut and then stitched back together, the “lips” of the open wound are pulled towards each other and stitched together. The “lips” or the two sides of the skin and the two sides of the muscles are being forced to stay together by the stitches. This pulling tenses the skin and the muscles, and one feels that the skin and the muscle, thus the palm is tight after carpal tunnel surgery.

This tightness is also felt after cosmetic surgery, fat removal surgery, Myasthenia gravis operation that requires opening the chestbone to get to the thymoma behind the chestbone. After Myasthenia gravis surgery, the patient will feel tightness in the chest and sometimes shallow breathing, which in turn slows down recuperation.


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